Grav is broken

Grav is the software that's running this blog and rendering this page right now! I've decided on using it, because it is entirely free, but in addition to that also allows storing blog posts in Markdown format, which is a plain text format that wouldn't require me to wrangle with a particular platform's DB structure. If i'd ever like to migrate to another tool, this should allow me to do so with relatively few problems, knowing that there are plenty of static site platforms, such as Jekyll.

But this post is about updates and how they're sometimes harder than initially looks, much like was also the case with my install of Nextcloud. For example, just today i saw a helpful reminder that i should update my installation of Grav, since a new version has come out:

Since installing said update should be as easy as pressing a button, that's just what i did, to somewhat predictable results:

After updating the software all of the images in the entire blog were broken! They just showed errors and upon trying to open a file directly i got a 404. This might be caused by the fact that i'm running my blog inside of a Docker container, while mounting the directory and therefore the update process could be somewhat incomplete.

What came to the rescue here was the ability to restore the entire instance from backup, which is actually pretty awesome! I don't mean having to reinstall the server's backup here, but rather downloading a ZIP archive from Grav's own web interface, which included the full install:

Hats off to them for having such awesome backup mechanisms in place which saved me a lot of hassles in this case, but updating software inside of Docker is a no-no (even if the container just runs the web server and some packages that are needed by PHP scripts in the app directory), which means that the software itself should have ways to disable this sort of functionality.

Thankfully, Grav does have just that:

Other software packages should definitely take a lesson from Grav's book in this regard. Now, i can apply updates manually whenever i want, after testing them, but also not be pestered by these messages which would cause me to break the entire install.

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