LibreOffice bibliography is broken

Imagine having to hand in your master's thesis in a few days, and discovering that you kind of can't really do that, because the one tool that you've used for managing bibliography has decided not to work.

Enter LibreOffice: it's not "free as in speech", nor is it "free as in beer". Instead, it is "free, as in everything's broken and you should do it yourself".

Now, bibliography isn't too hard to get right - you have a bunch of sources, each of which has a particular type. You might want to refer to Internet publications, articles in journals, or perhaps books. The problems arise when you need to keep references to all of these in order, because any change in the main text of the thing you're writing might easily necessitate updating dozens of indices. In addition to that, the formats that the academia shoves down our throats usually depend on where you're trying to get published, which ends up in an inconsistent mess.

Hence, we might want to group these references and use some sort of a database for managing them and how they're displayed in the document:


Now, LibreOffice does that part decently enough, so i figured that i'd instead use it and have the numbering automatically taken care of, since using plain endnotes doesn't work if you need them on a specific page, since for some odd reason you can't insert them wherever you please. Either way, i found the database tool as well to be reasonably easy to use, just drop the data into the spreadsheet and it gets saved somewhere and you can refer to these records from the document itself:


Except that it doesn't work! I could insert the bibliography list where i wanted and even get the numbering and updating of the references in the main text to work, but the output is totally garbled!


There should be titles that aren't showing up, there should be URLs where there are none etc. And the worst part is, i'm stuck, because i can't make it do anything, because i don't know why or even how it broke. There is no text bibliography file for me to edit and update. Re-creating said bibliography also does not help! If the feature is so broken in LibreOffice 6.0, why is it even there in the first place?

Alas, i'll probably have to do all of the configuration manually, what a pain.


So, what's my alternative to getting nowhere with the broken tool? Why, it's to manually rewrite all of the references inside of a spreadsheet and to hope that i got at least some of them right. The formula is incredibly messy and i hate having to waste time like this:


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